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Report 2007-08

Once again a big thank you to all those of you who supported the 120 club this time. Shares are now available for 2008-9 (first draw at the April meeting at Dartford) so please continue to support our main fundraising activity for the county bell restoration fund. For £10 a share you not only support this worthy cause but also stand quite good chance of winning a prize.

For 2007-8 I sold 95 shares spread across 78 people from 22 towers. Of these 28 individuals were winners representing 13 towers. This year’s luckiest tower was Dartford. As this was our 3rd season I am pleased to report that most of those who have supported me from the outset have now had at least one win (probability never was my strong point but that’s about what you might expect).


Accounts 2007-08


95 shares at £10







Prize money


Council Fees


Other expenses (mainly postage)




Total donation to the BRF


Changing Banks

When the 120 club started 3 years ago I had to sort out an account for the money. I chose the Woolwich largely because there was a branch very close to home, open on Saturdays and the payments were recorded in a book thus meaning at any time anyone could see exactly what I was doing with your money.

And then the Woolwich was taken over by Barclays. Not much changed initially and then they did away with books and counter cheques (making last year’s payment to the BRF was a struggle) and finally everything was rebranded to Barclays. Now we had a new account and in the months following sometimes I could withdraw money with no problems and sometimes I couldn’t depending on whether the staff in the branch knew me or not.

It transpired that following the changeover there were no longer any records of any of our (3) signatures and so in the New Year a formal complaint was entered on our behalf. Letter followed letter to say that I would hear by date... and then a flurry of activity on one day when I had three phone calls in a morning to say we needed a community account and that the paperwork would follow. Now we three signatories had to go through the pantomime of proving who we were all over again something that the branches involved didn’t seem to be very clued up about.

At last I had a letter giving me the new account details followed by a cheque book and paying in book. However one final problem... It didn’t seem to have occurred to anyone at Barclays that the money in the account we couldn’t access needed to be transferred to the new account!

Please please can no one take over Barclays as I couldn’t face going through all that again!


Draw results 2007/08

1. April (Drawn at the District Meeting at Bromley Common on 21st April)

1st (£20) 17 - Graeme (Dartford)

2nd (£10) 64 - Rachel (Erith, CC)

3rd (£10) 110 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

4th (£5) 88 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

2. May (Drawn at the District Practice at Foots Cray on 19th May)

1st (£20) 6 - Liz (c/o Beckenham)

2nd (£10) 81 - Roger (Chislehurst, St Nics)

3rd (£10) 8 - Gabrielle (Ash)

4th (£5) 26 - Jim (Chelsfield)

3. June (Drawn at the District Practice at Greenwich on 9th June)

1st (£20) 32 - David B (Bromley)

2nd (£10) 18 - Karen (Dartford)

3rd (£10) 48 - Sue (Chelsfield)

4th (£5) 20 - Deryck (Dartford)

4. July (Drawn at the District Meeting at Chelsfield on 14th July)

1st (£20) 104 - Philippa (Chelsfield)

2nd (£20) 59 - Jan (Foots Cray)

3rd (£10) 64 - Rachel (Erith, CC)

4th (£10) 103 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

5th (£10) 4 - Jeremy (Beckenham)

6th (£10) 114 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

7th (£5) 57 - John (Chelsfield)

8th (£5) 42 - Sylvia (Eynsford)

5. September (Drawn at the District Practice at Chislehurst, St Nicholas on 8th September)

1st (£20) 55 - Carol (Erith, CC)

2nd (£10) 6 - Liz (c/o Beckenham)

3rd (£10) 78 - Tony (Eynsford)

4th (£5) 114 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

6. October (Drawn at the District Meeting at Horton Kirby on 13th October)

1st (£20) 24 - Judith (West Wickham)

2nd (£10) 120 - Philippa (Chelsfield)

3rd (£10) 82 - Carol (Erith, CC)

4th (£5) 10 - Ian (Ash)

7. November (Drawn at the District Practice at Crayford on 10th November)

1st (£20) 90 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

2nd (£10) 95 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

3rd (£10) 39 - Pauline (Charlton Kings)

4th (£5) 16 - Esther (Dartford)

8. December (Drawn at the District Practice at Lewisham on 1st December)

1st (£20) 89 - Not sold (therefore the money goes back into the pot)

2nd (£20) 30 - Liz (Erith, CC)

3rd (£10) 48 - Sue (Chelsfield)

4th (£10) 86 - Nigel (Greenwich)

5th (£10) 54 - Melissa (c/o Crayford)

6th (£10) 96 - Barry (c/o Foots Cray)

7th (£5) 12 - June (Dartford)

8th (£5) 80 - Roger (Chislehurst, St Nics)

9. January (Drawn at the District Meeting at Beckenham on 12th January)

1st (£20) 11 - June (Dartford)

2nd (£10) 22 - Deryck (Dartford)

3rd (£10) 36 - Margaret (Erith, St J)

4th (£5) 38 - Pauline (Eltham)

10. March (Drawn at the District Practice at Bexley on 15th March)

1st (£20) 65 - David (Bromley)

2nd (£10) 59 - Jan (Foots Cray)

3rd (£10) 21 - Deryck (Dartford)

4th (£5) 26 - Jim (Chelsfield)

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