Swinging Bell Call Change Competition 2012 Swinging Bell

Horton Kirby - 17th November

On Saturday 17th November, 5 bands gathered at Horton Kirby for the annual Call Change Competition. It was especially good this year to see the 2 newest bands in the district, Farnborough and Lewisham, taking part. Ben Meyer and Rosemary Hill from the University of London had agreed to come along and judge. Once they'd had a ring and found a place to listen, the draw was made, tweaked a bit and then the competition began.

All the bands completed their practice and test pieces and then it was over to Ben and Rosemary to give their comments and the results. Ben started by saying that it was good to be able to 'grab' a new county as a judge. He felt that some of the bands may have struggled because the bells would have been lighter than they were probably used too but all of the bands had a nice beat to them which he'd have felt comfortable ringing a quarter to. He also thought it was great for learners to enter striking competitions because it's one of the things that experienced ringers dread so it was good to get used to it.

Team 1: They thought that the practice struggled to settle but that the team talk must have worked as the test piece was much improved. It was rung at a nice speed for the bells. Some issues with striking around half way though and a crunchy finish but overall it was nice piece of ringing.

Team 2: This team rang faster than team 1 and the speed also fluctuated so not a constant beat. Once again the test piece was better than the practice so the team talks were definitely working.

Team 3: They settled quicker and seemed more comfortable with the bells. There were some minor hesitations and some bells seemed to be pushing it on a bit.

Team 4: This was the best pull off and opening rounds to the day. A nice piece of confident ringing which they enjoyed listening to. The slight niggle was that there were fluctuations of speed which not everyone adapted to quickly.

Team 5: This was the only team not to ring call changes in the practice. As with many other teams they had trouble settling down but they recovered well from clashes.











Erith, Christ Church














Congratulations to the Crayford / Dartford band for winning the call change competition but it was realy good to see how well the bands from Farnborough and Lewisham did and especially from Lewisham where for half their band it was the first time that they had rung outside their home tower. Thanks again to Ben and Rosemary for giving up their time to come and judge it and for the Horton Kirby ringers for providing the refreshments and venue.

Rupert collecting the certificate

Rupert collecting the certificate from the judges Ben and Rosemary

Horton Kirby

Waiting for the results

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