Swinging Bell County 8 Bell Striking Competition 2006 Swinging Bell

East Farleigh - 25th February

East Farleigh Waiting in the hall

The County 8 Bell Striking Competition was this year held at East Farleigh in the Maidstone District. It was a bitterly cold day with a biting wind blowing across the valley but thankfully there was a warm hall and plenty of tea on tap.

Tonbridge won and the Lewisham district band did not exactly do themselves justice but at least we beat the band who had one ringer who had not rung the method before!

Here is a brief video of the winning band (1.8meg, quicktime movie)

Swinging Bell County 6 Bell Striking Competition 2005 Swinging Bell

Bearsted - 24th September

An amusing event occurred with David Baverstock turning up as judge and Alice Baverstock ringing for Beckenham not knowing that David was going to be there.

Results were basically clear first and second and last and we were in the middle 4 faults separated 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Bearsted does however have a village cricket team which was playing on the village green beer and cricket - what more can you want!

Jeremy Byers

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